Delight at dropped kerbs in Delph

NEW dropped kerbs around Delph are a welcome improvement which will allow people using mobility scooters and wheelchairs or pushing prams to get around more easily.

However, more spots still need to be addressed in the area to make the village accessible throughout, say residents and local councillors.

The dropped kerbs have been put in place thanks to discussions between Cllr Luke Lancaster, who represents Saddleworth North, with Oldham Council and Unity Partnership.

Delph dropped kerbs Pat Ross, left, and Beryl Murray with Cllr Luke Lancaster

Last year, Cllr Lancaster was approached by resident Val Prestwich who said many wheelchair and mobility scooter users were struggling to access shops and amenities as there were no dropped kerbs nearby.

They were also facing difficulties crossing roads safely as the pavements on the other side were too high to get on to, so they were forced to stay in the road.

Cllr Lancaster liaised with Unity Partnership and now eight dropped kerbs have been introduced on King Street, including near The Old Bank, Crumbles café, The Swan and Well Pharmacy.

He said: “Unlike other nearby village centres, such as Uppermill or Lees, Delph does not have a recognised crossing point with accompanying traffic lights.

“It is hoped the dropped kerbs will now make for a more comfortable and safer experience in the village for those with mobility issues.

“It is only right that all residents of, and visitors to, Delph should feel safe in accessing the village, without fear of being stuck in the road.
“I’m so pleased this positive, practical measure has been delivered for those with mobility issues. Hopefully young families with prams will also see the benefit.”

Beryl Murray and Pat Ross, residents of Eagle Court near The White Lion who both use mobility scooters, welcomed the changes and hope that more can be put in place.

Beryl said: “It’s definitely an improvement. It’s really helpful not just for us but for mothers with prams as well.

“I’ve never been able to get to Crumbles because there was nowhere to get on the pavement.

“I’m frightened of driving in the road because of the traffic but in some places we have no choice.”

Pat added: “It is a good start but there are still some spots where the kerbs could be lowered, such as near the bridge.”

Cllr Lancaster said some of the pavement materials removed for these improvements have been kept with a view to being situated elsewhere in future works as it is a conservation area.

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