Devastated pet owner warns others after cat was shot in Delph

A DEVASTATED mum is urging pet owners to be vigilant and on the look-out for anything suspicious after her daughters’ cat was shot in Delph.

Alfie Xmas 2015
LOVED: Alfie

Luckily Alfie survived but his owners have been left shaken and upset by the incident – as well as paying off hefty medical bills.

Charlotte Miller explained: “It was Thursday or Friday last week when we noticed Alfie was off his food. He was just asleep under the table and wouldn’t come out.

“Then on Saturday we noticed some lumps on his side and my partner Stephen took him to the vet first thing on Sunday morning.

“They found the wound in Alfie’s lower hip and did some x-rays and discovered he had been shot and the pellet from the air rifle was still in there.”

pellet and broken bone
The x-ray showing Alfie’s broken bone and the pellet

Family chipped in to help Charlotte pay £300 for the x-rays, followed by another £1,300 for the operation to fix Alfie’s leg with a metal plate, plus all the on-going costs.

“We have phoned the police and the RSPCA to report what happened,” added Charlotte, “but we have no evidence of who has done it or why.

“We will offer a reward to anyone who can provide information which leads to finding out who shot our poor Alfie.”

She added: “We want to warn other pet owners that this has happened so they can be extra vigilant about letting their pets out.

Alfie pellet hole wound and stitches
Alfie’s pellet hole wound and stitches

“Alfie belong to my daughters Chloe and Keely and they are devastated. He is such a loveable cat and it is so horrendous for our whole family because of such a mindless act.

“He does go out but he doesn’t wander far and is very gentle. We just don’t want this to happen to anyone else’s pet.”

Anyone who has any information about the incident should contact Charlotte by calling 07940 924491.



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  1. There really are some truly sick individuals out there. That said, let’s not lose sight of what I would term legalised cruelty – animals hunted and shot for “sport”, skinned alive for their fur, slaughtered for our food, tortured in laboratories, paraded for our entertainment.

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