DIARY DATE: Saddleworth parish Council meeting

SADDLEWORTH Parish Council holds its next Full Council meeting on Monday, March 23 at 7.30pm.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Any questions must be submitted in writing to the Clerk two full working days prior to the day of the meeting by email to: Pam@saddleworthparishcouncil.org.uk or by post: Saddleworth Parish Council, Civic Hall, Lee Street, Uppermill, Saddleworth,OL3 6AE.

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  1. Dear Parish Councillors, This is just to let you know about my concerns over the plans to build 200+ houses on the site known as Stonebreaks and Stonebreaks Quarry. I have lived in this area for 38 years (on Rivington Road) and the land has always been available for walks and views over the Pennine hills, the Cheshire plain and over towards the Welsh mountains. The land over time has become greener and many trees and shubs have self seeded and now the land is a haven for wildlife which has in recent times proved to be a welcome lift to those of us who can tale a stroll not too far from our homes for our daily exercise during the Covid 19 crisis. This land and the history of the place with its listed buildings and and hamlet of Stonebreaks will be overshaddowed by this monstrosity of a housing development. How on earth can these “affordable” houses, cope with the winters with steep, single track roads emptying onto an already congested Oldham Road, Cooper Street and Stonbreaks road leading to a tight junction of Heywood Lane and Huddersfield Road, at Austerlands? I know the land is privately owned but this plan is plainly stupid and the voices of the locals need to be heard. We need our little green lung otherwise we will become just another district with no room to breath, schools too full, local facilities overstretched, G.P. waiting times getting even longer, public transport a joke, (I do not drive). Please add my name to those of others I am sure will be making their feelings known. Save our green space, and wildlife sanctuary please. Thank you.

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