Dog walkers launch scoop the poop campaign to clean up community

DETERMINED dog walkers have taken matters into their own hands – literally – to clear up the mounting piles of poop blighting the community.

The committed group came together at the allotments in Delph for their first ‘poop scoopathon’ after becoming fed up at walking in dog poop on the pavements, streets and walking paths.

They filled four bin bags with around 70 separate collections of dog poo and also put up signs around the village with a map of all of the dog waste bins in the area.

Rosie Littlewood, from Delph Dog Walking, said: “It isn’t just in Saddleworth where this is a problem. But all we can do is make sure it’s not an issue in our own area.

“Dog owner’s mentality needs to change completely. There are masses of bins where people can deposit poo bags.

“Even if they can’t find one immediately, it’s not an excuse not to scoop the poop or carry a bag until they find a bin.”

Since posting on their Facebook site, Pet Friendly Saddleworth have been contacted about other grot spots that need attention including: Churchill Playing Fields, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal towpath at Diggle and several more sites in Delph.

“Ideally, we would encourage and hope people in the other villages organise their own scoopathons,” added Rosie.

“We need the support of everyone to keep getting the message out there that it is not acceptable not to clean up after their dogs

“And now we have done our first scoop-a-thon, we are happy to help with any advice on how to organise themselves and get started.”

There will be other areas visited over next few months and details will be posted on to the GMP Facebook group pages.

PC Lee Cullen, who helped out at the first event, added: “The dog owner community at Delph basically had enough of irresponsible dog owners.

“I just hope we can get other committed champions to assist in other areas across the Saddleworth and Lees area.”

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