Don’t be sheepish: pick up bargain at Woolyknit’s closing down sale

THIS yarn of Christmas present does not have a future just one of Christmas last.

And ewe better move fast to secure a bargain and one of the remaining festive sweaters sold at a unique Saddleworth retail outlet.For Roger Shepley is not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes when he says Woolyknit shop in Diggle is closing next month.

After nearly nine years at Warth Mill Roger has decided to shut up shop to concentrate on his worsted wool spinning business.

Customers for the Shepley product now include: Yves St Laurent, Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham.

So, with the festive season in mind Springhead born Roger is selling off remaining stock in a six-week sale starting on Friday, November 1 and finishing on Monday, December 23.

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a pair of socks or two at this time of year?

“I used to do Christmas markets in Lincoln and Bury St Edmunds and they were the hardest weeks’ work in my life,” explained Roger.

“We would make up really good 100 per cent, wool sweaters from our own yarn and sell them at very competitive prices.

“As a result, we would sell around 1500 sweaters at these markets.

“But I vowed I wouldn’t do another market and consequently we are not making sweaters anymore so it is more difficult for the shop to survive.

“That is one of the reasons but our main business, Shepley Yarns, is really taking off. So, the time is right to get rid of the shop.

“Shepley yarns are commissioned dyed and commissioned spun to company specifications and then we sell it all around the world.

“We do have a lot of regular business in the UK, Europe and further afield, not just high end customers.

“That side of the business has grown significantly since I opened the shop.

“The main business has been going 18 years and is probably stronger than ever.

“Then we have a crafting business with balls of wool under the Woolyknit brand.

“Will I be sad to close the shop? In some ways ‘yes’ and in other ways ‘no.’

“Things move on when you run your own business. If you stand still, you are moving backwards!”

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