Doyle speaks about Oldham’s relegation battle

EOIN Doyle hopes for a similar last-day experience on the other side of the Irish sea as Oldham fight for their League One lives.

But there will be no financial saviours, unlike when he stayed up with League of Ireland side Shamrock Rovers in 2008.

In the year, the division was cut from 12 teams to 10, Doyle’s then side found themselves perilously close to the drop zone.

However, he insists salvation came their way by different means as Richie Wellens’ men head to today’s shootout with Northampton.

He said: “I was involved in last day drama when I was just starting out in the League of Ireland a few years ago but we managed to stay up.

“However, I think two teams went into administration and one was refused a licence so we were up anyway!”

While many at Boundary Park are fretting, Wellens is adamant he is remaining cool, which is a different story than when he took over in September after just one win in 11 games.

He said: “I’m not trying to stay relaxed about it, I am quite relaxed about it. I don’t want my players looking at me and seeing someone who’s nervous and uptight.

“But at that time, we didn’t know where a win was going to come from, we didn’t know where a goal was going to come from, we lacked any threat.

“You put a face on in front of players and Press and say, ‘This is an opportunity’ but in the back of your mind you worry that the team was in poor form.

“We would’ve liked it done and dusted by now but there’s nothing we can do now but we’ve got ourselves in this position, now we’ve got to make sure we get the job done.”

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