Election 2021: Oldham Council leader loses seat

OLDHAM Council leader Sean Fielding (Lab) has lost his seat in Failsworth West to Failsworth Independent Party’s Mark Wilkinson – and he left Oldham’s Queen Elizabeth Hall before counting of the votes even started.

He received 1,281 votes while Mr Wilkinson turned out to be the electorate’s favourite, with 1,472 votes.

Oldham Council Leader Sean Fielding

Cllr Fielding, 31, has served the ward since 2012 and became the council’s youngest ever leader in May 2018, taking over from Jean Stretton.

The votes were: Warren Bates (Ind): 223; Richard Darlington (Lib Dem): 33; Sean Fielding (Lab): 1,281; Jawaad Hussain (Con): 177; Mark Wilkinson (Failsworth Ind): 1,472.

11 Replies to “Election 2021: Oldham Council leader loses seat”

  1. The Labour Party are now seen as the woke party , they love everyone except white working class people

  2. Local politicians who advocate corrupt practices , will be ousted in the end.
    Across the U.K. communities are moving closer towards the Independents or reform parties .
    These parties offer hope , change CAN and WILL happen .

  3. Most of failsworth over the moon about his loss as now the lord lane area of our district might actually get something done …we are very much the bottom end and forgotten end of failsworth ….good luck failsworth independent party

  4. Well Fielding got what he deserved.
    Writing to decent folks employees, claiming they were far right activists just one of his many underhand tactics this rank amatuer resorted too.
    Reap what you sow.
    What goes around comes around.
    Just a couple of cliches that spring to mind.

  5. Great news this evening and the decent people of Oldham should be all celebrating tonight. That Useless, Totally Corrupt , Nasty piece of work , FIELDING has been kicked out, he should be kicked straight into Strangeways Prison for the misery he and many of his gang at Oldham Council have brought to the decent people of Oldham. Many more of his gang must also be forced out immediately. Now the people of Oldham must make sure that Fielding is held to account for his years of Lying, Corruption, and having total disrespect for the people of Oldham.

    1. You talk through your backside Where is your evidence??? . This man has tried his best. He has been the victim of a vendetta . Hounding him outside his own home is NOT acceptable. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. We will see what happens over the next 12 months . Small independent party against how many labour? Soon be building on all that green belt land Councillor Fielding fought so hard to protect.

      1. You talking through your arse ,you haven’t got a clue. Anyone that sticks up for that useless, totally corrupt bastard should be in a secure mental hospital. Believe me the vast majority of the people of Oldham are very happy to see the back of him. What a shame that his old man didnt wear a condom the night he was concieved. Now let’s get rid of his gang at the disgracefull Oldham council, every one knows who they are. Fielding must be held to account and face criminal charges for the misery he has inflicted on the decent people of Oldham for the past number of years.

  6. As a resident of Failsworth I’m really pleased Mark Wilkinson won the election last night. Double bonus because he removed the Council Leader raising hopes of a real change for the area.

    Mark and the other Failsworth Independent Party Councillors support a cleaner Failsworth and also support the Failsworth Litterbusters who have done a fantastic job removing litter from the streets.

    A clean environment is a happy environment. We all need to work to beat the fly tippers and feel proud of Failsworth again.

  7. So glad that this man and his lack of respect, poor standards, and dubious agenda is gone. Now let’s get any remaining gang members sharing his policies if you can call them that OUT too and give Oldham back to its inhabitatnts

    1. 100 % correct David , There are a lot in his gang though and its vital for the people of Oldham that they also get there marching orders and very important that they all be held to account fir the disgracefull and times Criminal ways they have treated the people of Oldham over a number of years.

  8. Hartlepool’s view: “We’ve always been a Labour town and where has it got us?” Time for Oldham electors to rethink their voting loyalties!

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