Extra time for the Weavers

Inside the Weavers Factory

Uppermill art gallery The Weavers Factory are extending their opening days for autumn after a run of successful monthly exhibitions.

Gallery manager Nigel Durkan explains why the gallery is now opening six days a week 

“We are overwhelmed by the community’s response to the Weavers Factory so we’ve decided to open 6-days a week. People don’t just come in for the art or the gift shop, lots of people just come in for a chat or a cup of tea in the garden – it’s as much of a community space as a gallery. So from September 1st we’ll be open 10am to 4pm every day except Monday.”

The Weavers Factory team on New Street is also expanding by bringing local musician Hayley Barker on board to help run the gallery.

“Hayley is a fantastic addition to the Weavers Factory staff, not only does she know lots about art and design, she’s an amazing bluegrass country singer too. When she’s not behind the counter you can hear in the back garden singing Dolly Parton tunes.”

“It’s great news that Hayley has joined us, it gives me more time to source original vintage glass and ceramics for the shop and it gets us ready for our Christmas Bazaar exhibition” explains Nigel. “Christmas is always busy around here and we’re hoping to bring an exciting range of original and vintage gifts you won’t find anywhere else in Saddleworth.”

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