Family devastated over missing memorial from Alphin Pike

A HEARTBROKEN mother has talked about the shock disappearance of a memorial plaque to her dead parents.

p4 missing plaque
MISSING: The memorial plaque

The brass plaque was placed on the top of Alphin Pike, one of Saddleworth’s most iconic landmarks, in memory of loving couple Jack and Evelyn Davies from Ashton.

The couple were married for 58 years when Mr Davies died suddenly at the age of 79.

Mrs Davies, who had severe dementia, went into a care home, and lived for another six years until she died, aged 84.

Their daughter Janet Taylor, 67, from Mossley, explained: “The family talked about a fitting memorial and it was decided a plaque would be placed on top of Alphin Pike.

‘The spot was chosen as my parents had links with the moors and, in particular, Alphin. It was also a spot which could be seen from the upstairs of my house.”

The mother of three made a trip to visit the plaque in December with her daughter and two grandsons.

“We placed some daffodils there for Christmas,” she said. “All was in order and left intact.

“However, in February we made a further visit to the plaque and to our horror it was no longer there.

“A thorough search of the area was made to no avail, although the flowers were placed inside the shelter.”

She added: “This has proved very upsetting for all the family, especially when I open my curtains to look up at the trig point and know the last memorial to my parents has been removed.”

Mrs Taylor’s daughter has appealed on social media for information on the whereabouts of the treasured plaque.

She said: “We are so thankful for all the support, kind words and help we have received.

“If anyone comes across the plaque while walking in and around the area please make contact.”

Do you have any information about the missing plaque? Contact or call 01457 237474.


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