Bare face cheek: naked rambler wasn’t Naked Rambler

Naked rambler Stephen Gough has distanced himself from a sighting of a nude man walking up to a well-known Saddleworth vantage point.

And The Independent is struggling to get to the bottom of the incident that happened in Greenfield.

Wearing nothing more than a small rucksack, the mystery hiker was spotted on a public footpath leading up to the ‘Pots and Pans’ War Memorial.

pots and pans 1
The war memorial at Pots and Pans, where crowds gather on Remembrance Sunday

A startled motorist and his passenger reported the incident to police, concerned for the man’s safety on a bitterly cold afternoon.

Hampshire born Mr Gough is infamous for his naked walks across Britain and has spent much of the last decade in prison for a variety of public decency and anti-social behaviour offences.

The Saddleworth Independent contacted the 57-year-old former marine to ask if he could have been the unknown chilly climber.

“It wasn’t me but I wouldn’t say if was me given the length of time I have been in jail,” he replied.

Mr Gough could be in the clear as our naturist spotters suggested the man was younger.

“We were driving along Gellfield Lane at about 4pm,” said the woman who spotted the stranger.

“As we approached corner where it meets Haw Clough Lane, a jogger/hiker crossed our path and went up the track towards Pots and Pans.

‘We assumed he had walked up from Greenfield but don’t know for certain.

“Not unusual so far, but this man was only wearing a small black rucksack!

“It was cold and damp and as we did wonder later about the mental state of someone naked in those conditions.

“We didn’t get a good look – only side on and from the back!

“We reported it to the police, mainly for his own safety going out when it was so cold.”


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