Fly tipping blight repeat but can litter picking volunteers help find culprits?

FLY tippers have targeted a quiet Saddleworth road for the second time in a matter of months.

The latest incident comes with Oldham Council considering the possibility of installing cameras at hot spot locations.

And Harrop Edge Lane, off the A62 Huddersfield Road at Diggle, has become a regular dumping ground.

This time copious amounts of builders’ waste was jettisoned on the already narrow country lane.

After the previous incident OMBC told the Independent: “As a council we are always working hard to make sure the borough is clean and up to standard.

“It’s just unfortunate that people decide to disregard the law and dump their waste in these hot spots.

Blocks placed to deter tippers

“If anyone spots any fly-tipping we urge you to report it online at

Bolton Council is starting a six-month trial involving litter picking volunteers as evidence gatherers.

Local authority enforcement officers will respond to any evidence found by sending warning letters to individuals whose personal details are discovered.

As part of the trial, litter picking groups are being sent guides with instructions on how they can help bring culprits to book.

The Independent has asked Oldham Council if it would support a similar initiative across the borough and in particular in Saddleworth.

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  1. More waste at the junction of Ox Hey Lane/Low Gate Lane/Broad Lane on the Pack Horse route from Delph to Marsden. Amazed they would go that far off the tarmac road, in what is a very isolated area.! Very sad. Rather than fines (unless immense), then having to complete 200+ hours community service dedicated to tidying up waste/litter would be a good deterrent.

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