Food heaven awaits in new General Store in Uppermill

THERE is no obvious link to a Japanese author’s international best selling book and a new Saddleworth retail business…

Helen in her new store showing off her selection of products

But the link is easily made once you speak to Helen McCarthy, proprietor and driving force behind the General Store.

Step through the door of the premises on Saint Mary’s Gate in Uppermill and Marie Kondo’s book, ‘Spark Joy,’ is brought to life in front of your eyes.

“Her mantra is you don’t need super expensive things but the things you have should spark joy in your life,” explained Helen, a Grasscroft based mum of two.

“I am aiming to do that with the items you can buy at the General Store.

“I just thought there was a big gap in the market for good, healthy products and so I started to find them and bring them all under one roof.”

However, it took two stints living overseas to convince Helen of her true calling.

“I lived in China and Australia for a couple of years and then came home,” Helen told the Saddleworth Independent.

“Then we decided to give Australia another try and moved to Melbourne.

Helen in her new store showing off her selection of products

“We had a house on the beach, my youngest son, Edward, was born out there and the family all have Australian passports.

“But I was bored! So, I just said ‘let’s go home’.

“We packed up and came back and I don’t want to move anywhere else. I have everything I want in Saddleworth.”

Helen’s shop, previously occupied by Swedish soft furnishing business, Mi Abode, is not your average grocery outlet even though you can discover teas, coffees and bread, albeit with a twist.

And you don’t need a dog with a good nose to find the delicacies that are truffles.

Indeed, if Korean favourite, Kimchi, (seasoned vegetables) sounds appealing, the General Store, also stocking vegetarian and vegan options, is the place to spark joy!


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