Future of Greenfield postbox targeted by thieves now uncertain

AN ATTACK on a Greenfield mail box could deprive the village of another popular posting facility.

Royal Mail and Greater Manchester Police are investigating a raid on the box sited on Manchester Road at its junction with Dacres Road.

It is not known if thieves made off with any items but the wall mounted box is now out of commission for the rest of the Christmas and New Year period.

Earlier this year, a box at Robert Scott’s Mill on Manchester Road was similarly vandalised, the casing eventually removed by the Royal Mail and the hole bricked up.

Now residents fear the future of the current box could suffer the same fate.

A Royal Mail spokesperson told the Independent: “The postbox on Manchester Road, Greenfield, at the junction with Dacres Road, was damaged sometime over the weekend, after the box was emptied on Saturday afternoon.

“We would ask anyone with information to contact the police. If anyone is concerned about mail posted after Saturday afternoon and until the theft was discovered on Monday morning, they should contact Royal Mail Customer Service on 03457 740740.

“We will now investigate where the nearest postboxes are sited before deciding whether to replace this postbox.”

Royal Mail also confirmed the Scott’s Mill box wasn’t replaced as there are several postboxes within half a mile plus a main facility at Greenfield Post Office.

Andrew Taylor, chairman of the Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents Association, said: “This is another small disaster for the area and a shame in view of the excellent policing we have had in Saddleworth recently.

“This postbox must be rapidly replaced as we have already lost one adjacent facility.

“GGRA will make representations to the Royal Mail in order to preserve this service facility.”


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