Getting personal: trainer Ian promises fitness can be fun

THERE’S never a bad time to start a new keep fit regime, as personal trainer Ian Lomas will tell you.

Ian showing off some of the equipment at Saddleworth Pool and Leisure Centre

And it doesn’t need to be exhausting or expensive to get yourself into shape.

But it can be enjoyable and rewarding to go from couch potato to feeling and looking good.

“Different people have different skills and different needs,” explains Ian, who holds regular classes at Saddleworth Pool and Leisure Centre in Uppermill.

“I see a lot of trainers who just train people like bodybuilders. But through my years of training, that’s not for me.

“I am a big believer in training the full body,” adds Ian whose classes are tailored to young or old, beginners or regular gym goers. Indeed, one of his clients is an 86-year-old lady.

“And it’s not just about inside work,” he explains. 

“I do outside group sessions. I call strength camp, on a Saturday, aimed at strength, cardio and fitness.

“It’s not a typical session lifting heavy weights. It is a fun work out but also one where you will push yourself.

“My aim is to get you to look at the gym in a different light, not as something that is boring or monotonous.

“Once people have signed up they will be put into similar groups if fitness and experience.”

Looking at Ian, it’s hard to believe he was ever bullied. But some good did come from his teenage troubles.

“I got bullied when I was at secondary school,” he explained. 

“Eventually, one of the older lads told me he went to the gym and I should go along.

“So, at about 13 I started going into the gym. After that I visited different gyms throughout England.

“I must have been in about 100 which was great for picking up advice and best practices. 

“Now I can pass on that knowledge to my clients.”

Ian is now 29 and operates from two sites, including from Saddleworth Leisure Centre for around six months.

“In the next six months I am looking to open my own studio,” he revealed

“By the time I am 35 I’d like to have opened up around 30 and also looking to open a few gyms as well.”

Strength camp classes cost from £10 per session while prices for other sessions are also available.

For more details email: or ring 07874 699399 or go online:


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