Greenfield bridge closed after vandal attack

A FOOTBRIDGE over the River Tame in Greenfield is closed after being targeted by Easter vandals.

A group of youths were spotted stamping out wooden planks from the bridge by Saddleworth Cricket and Tennis Club on Easter Sunday.

The wanton destruction left a drop of more than six feet into the water where the broken deck treads are clearly visible.

The crossing at Well-i-Hole is well used by locals and walkers as the footpath leads from Manchester Road on the Greenfield-Mossley border to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal at Church Road.

Oldham Council has now erected barriers at both ends of the bridge to prevent access.

It is believed Greater Manchester Police have been alerted to the incident, witnessed by at least one person who reported the vandalism.

The bridge was already subject to future refurbishment plans by the local authority. It is not known yet how long it will remain closed.

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  1. How sad is this sort of behaviour and how proud their parents must be that this is the level their children stoop to . What a shame that they can’t put their obvious energy into something to help the Community in these challenging times. I am sure that they could be found lots of outdoor activities to volunteer for.There are many people offering time to keep the area picturesque and clean.
    Instead they would rather ruin the chance of a simple circular walk for people and families over an Easter weekend in lovely countryside.
    My question is why do they bother to seek out lovely places to do this destruction and is it just a coincidence that fencing at the start of the Bridleway heading to Friezland Horse Arena near The Royal George Pub has also been smashed down.
    I hope that someone knows who is responsible and makes the Police aware and that these people can be identified and brought to justice and made to pay for the damage— because someone is going to have to pay to put it right.

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