Greenfield pensioners on road to nowhere after First Bus driver confusion

TWO GREENFIELD ladies have raised questions around the services provided by First Bus Oldham after they claim they were left onboard for 40 minutes with no driver and no information.

The women, who wish to remain unnamed, had travelled into Oldham to go shopping on Tuesday, May 23 when problems occurred on their return journey.

They planned on catching the 350 service from Oldham Bus Station to return to Greenfield, and after the 2pm bus failed to appear, they boarded the 2.30pm bus.

“That wasn’t an issue,” said one of the ladies. “We were told the bus’s engine had overheated in the hot weather, and it was an unusually hot day.

“These things happen so we were happy to wait for the 2.30pm bus and get on that – but that’s when the problems started!”

Her friend continued: “We got on at Oldham Bus Station and then at the first stop just around the corner at Oldham Mumps Interchange the driver just got off and left.

“He left a full bus, with the doors wide open and we were all just sitting there not knowing what was happening. We were just abandoned!

“If he had needed a toilet break or been unwell that would be fine, But for the driver just to leave us, with no information or replacement driver, was disgraceful.”

The women say they, and other passengers, sat on the bus for around 40 minutes with no information being provided before they decided to catch another bus.

“Overall, it took us two hours to get home from Greenfield to Oldham, with no one bothering to say why or apologise,” they added.

“We didn’t pay for our tickets as we’ve got bus passes but younger people who had to get another bus would have ended up paying twice.”

Rob Hughes, Operations Manager at First Oldham, said: “I’m sorry to learn that two customers were unhappy with our bus services on 23 May and that it took them longer to get home than anticipated.

“Due to the terrorist attack on Manchester City Centre the previous evening, many of our services and staff schedules were disrupted.

“Whilst the driver may not have communicated the reasons for the delay to the 350 services in question, we hope that our customers can appreciate the previous evening’s events led to severe issues across the entire bus network.”


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