‘Open conclusion’ into tragic Greenfield musician Craig Gill’s death

Inspiral Carpets drummer Craig Gill died by hanging but it will never be known if the popular Greenfield musician intended to take his own life.

Musician: Craig Gill

Mr Gill, whose funeral on December 5, 2016 took place on what should have been his 45th birthday, was found by wife Rose Marie at their Friezland home 15 days earlier.

An inquest at Rochdale Coroner’s Court, Heywood last month heard she had spoken to the dad of three about an hour before the grim discovery.

She had returned with the children from watching a kids’ television show recording at Media City, Salford.

The hearing heard how Mr Gill offered to pick them up from Greenfield station and asked her to ring when the train reached Mossley. But he never showed up.

Mr Gill, a familiar face in Saddleworth and the Manchester music scene, was said not to have possessed any suicidal tendencies.

But he had suffered with tinnitus (debilitating ringing in the ears) for more than two decades.

Mrs Gill confirmed the condition had worsened a few weeks before his death.

She said: “It never stopped him doing family stuff and with his work; he just kind of persevered with it but I noticed a change.”

She added: “Craig’s death came as a complete shock to family and friends. He was not somebody we ever had any concerns around. There was never any suggestion of him having any thoughts of self harm.

“It’s not something he ever sought treatment for. At a time when the band, his music everything was going well there were no concerns in his life apart from the tinnitus but not to such a level that he would show that level of distress about it.

“I have no idea where this has come from.”

Coroner Joanne Kearsley said it was clear Mr Gill was responsible for taking his own life but she could not be sure, to the criminal standard of proof, he had intended to kill himself. As a result, she recorded an open conclusion.

Apologising for not being able to offer the family an explanation for what happened, Miss Kearsley described Mr Gill as “perhaps one of the most influential and inspirational musicians of his generation”.

Inspiral band members Clint Boon, Graham Lambert and Stephen Holt attended the inquest, with Mr Boon later reading a statement on behalf of the band.

He said: “Craig was a friend, a loyal son and brother, philosophical father and important member of our gang.

“We feel extremely privileged to have spent the last 30 years making music with him.”


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