Grotton nurse faces Dragons in search for investment for UK Sniffer Dogs

GROTTON veterinary nurse Rachel Bean came face to face with real-life dragons on Thursday night (May 20) on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den, hoping to help land an investment for UK Sniffer Dogs.

Appearing on the show with founders Jamie and Gemma Pound, the trio made their pitch of £70,000 in exchange for 15 per cent of the business.

Chilli and Rachel

UK Sniffer Dogs are experts in scent detection training for pet dogs and trainers and have developed a programme to enable owners to improve their furry friends’ lives through nose work.

Unfortunately, they were unable to tempt the dragons into making an investment, but they still left the den with their tails held high and proud and feeling confident about the future.

Rachel said: “Jamie and Gemma set up the UK Sniffer Dogs in 2018 and they originally applied to Dragon’s Den to try and attract the additional investment.

“Because they were filming in Manchester, and they are based down south, they needed a competent handler and a competent dog in the area to demonstrate scent work.

“So, as I am officially associated with them, they approached me and asked me if I would be the group’s representative on the programme.


“It was quite daunting, and a little bit anxiety crept in when we first met the Dragons, but I do a lot of welfare work and am used to presenting to people, so we soon shook that off.

“Chilli absolutely smashed it. She is quite the professional when it comes to TV work though because done quite a few other projects prior to Dragon’s Den.

“She really enjoyed herself and I think the dragons were very impressed with how engaged she was in demonstrating the importance of scent work.”

You can find out more about the work the UK Sniffer Dogs do, browse their courses or find a local trainer via their website

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