Hair of the dog – search for Mountain Rescue trainee ends with pub discovery

WALKABOUT rescue dog Dave wasn’t man’s best friend when he sparked a major search operation on Tuesday evening.

But the 13-month-old border collie has now been allowed out of the dog house for a game of football under the watchful eye of ‘Uncle’ Bob.

And happily for Oldham Mountain Rescue Team’s four-legged trainee, there’s no hangover from his previous night’s exploits.

The Greenfield based group scrambled into action when the friendly and inquisitive youngster went missing from its base at Boarshurst Lane.

News of adventure seeking Dave’s disappearance was immediately circulated across social media platforms with concerned owner, Mick Nield MBE, fearing his wandering pal had been dog-napped.

Happily the appeal proved successful and less than an hour later the duo were reunited….outside the Wellington public house on Chew Valley Road.

“We had reports back that someone had seen Dave going down Chew Valley Road,” explained Mick, former team leader for OMRT.

“It was mentioned he might have been near the Welly. I was talking outside to a group of mountain bikers who use the pub and who should come sauntering out but Dave.

“I can only think he got the scent of a female and wandered off in search of her,” added Mossley based Mick, also owner of Dave’s mentor, Bob.

“Both dogs are data tagged but they hadn’t got collars on at the time because they were due to be washed.

“I was worried because Bob went missing a few years ago. He disappeared for about seven hours and I think someone was trying to take him.

“I don’t do Facebook and I was reluctant to get it out at first. But  I am amazed by how many people shared the appeal and really can’t thank the community enough for their help in getting Dave back so quickly.”

Oldham Mountain Rescue Team is a voluntary organisation and you can help by fundraising or donating to their Just Giving page.

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