Hands off! Gin war breaks out for Delph hostelry

phil whiteman gin war
DEFIANT: Phil Whiteman wants to protect his world record

A DEFIANT innkeeper in Delph has thrown down the gauntlet to a Spanish bar trying to grab his coveted world record.

Just three months ago, Phil Whiteman, boss of the Old Bell and restaurant claimed the Guinness World Record for having the most varieties of gin available in his specially-created Emporium.

The ancient watering hole was awarded the international title for collecting a staggering 404 gins to tickle discerning drinkers’ taste buds.

But now a bar in Palencia, north of Madrid, has gone online claiming it has ousted Phil’s record by offering a larger selection of 475 different bottles.

But Phil warned the renegade rival: “Keep your hands off – the title is ours. We won it fair and square.”

The owner of Spanish bar, Señor Javier San Segundo, claims his Lemon Society premises is changing the template of gin and tonic by stocking 475 brands of gin.

And the Guinness World Record Academy, a leading international organisation certifying world records, claims it puts them in the running.

But Phil declared: “We are fighters. We are not going to let them steal the record from us.

“We had to follow a rigorous entry progress which took many months. If we need to stay competitive we’ll just keep on looking for as many gins as we can get our hands on.

“However, we hold the winning certificate and that what matters,” he added.

And Phil has received an offer from the other side of the world to ensure his title remains intact.

Bruno Gerrits from Australia has written to Phil offering to send a galaxy of new gins to add to his collection.

He said: “We have some local speciality herbs and spices including lemon myrtle, cardamom, star anise and Tasmanian pepper berry leaf.

“I’m happy to put a box together and send it to the UK.”

Gin lovers can sample fine gins with a variety of tonics at speciality tastings once a month at The Old Bell. For more details, call 01457 870130 or visit their website www.theoldbellinn.co.uk

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