Houses proposals in Lydgate refused by local authority planners

PLANS to build three houses in historic Lydgate have been rejected.

Saddleworth Parish Council and local authority highways engineers had previously recommended refusal of the development off Stockport Road.

Plans to build in Lydgate were rejected | Photo by Gemma Carter

Now, Oldham Council has turned down the permission in principle application (PIP).

Only one person out of 36 public responses was in favour of the development on a rectangular piece of land between number four Stockport Road and St Anne’s Church. Both the church and White Hart Inn opposite are Grade II listed.

This is the second time the applicants have suffered defeat after a previous application for one three-storey, five bedroomed property was rejected in March 2021.

In support of the case, the planning consultant highlighted successfully allowed developments involving the process of ‘infilling.’

The application said: “….has been carefully designed to integrate well with the character of the area and now comprises limited infill development for the purposes of Green Belt planning policy.”

However, in reaching a decision the Council stated: “The proposed development does not constitute limited infilling in a village within the Green Belt or conform to any other forms of appropriate development as defined in paragraph 149 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

“The proposed development would therefore represent inappropriate development within the Green Belt.

“The proposed development, by virtue of siting, scale, massing and design would create an over-dominant and incongruous form of development that would detract from the character and appearance of the surrounding area, including causing significant harm to designated heritage assets compromising the Lydgate Conservation Area and White Hart and St Annes Church Grade II listed buildings adjacent to the site.”

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  1. I thought the plans looked ok. Three houses on the edge of a field is hardly going to change the fabric of Saddleworth, is it? Perhaps our army of local NIMBYS could suggest how our housing crisis is going to be addressed if not through building more houses.

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