Hunt on to find Dino the parrot

A Mossley mum is offering a reward for the safe return of her beloved African Grey Parrot, Dino.

MISSING: Dino the parrot

The six-year-old bird hasn’t been seen since he flew off from Joanne Raccio’s shoulder on April 17.

She’s had one possible sighting near Tintwistle but is concerned for Dino’s safety because of the current cold snap.

“He’s never done anything like this before but something must have frightened him at the time, possibly the bins being put out” said concerned Joanne.

“Calling him didn’t bring him back and I am getting worried because of this cold weather.”

Dino, bought from a breeder in Stratford-upon-Avon, wears a metal ring on his foot bearing an identification serial number. He has a large black beak, red tail and loves peanut butter on toast.

“He enjoys human contact and being fed,” said Joanne. “He loves to sing and tells you he loves you but they can be quiet in the wild.”

Joanne’s hopes were raised when she took a call last week saying a parrot had been seen at a camping site at Crown Hill.

“I did spot a parrot on one of the trees,” she confirmed. “When I called Dino’s name, the bird got excited and came over.

LOVED: Dino the parrot

“But then I think it got spooked again by something on the farm and just went high up and stayed in the tree.

“He stayed there all Tuesday and then flew off again on Wednesday morning in the direction of the moors.

“I couldn’t get close enough to definitely tell if it was Dino. But I have looked on Parrot Alert and there doesn’t appear to be any other African Greys missing from the area.”

But she has a word of warning if Dino is spotted. “While he is tame, he is still a wild bird and could bite.

“I don’t want people to think he is just a cuddly thing. If anyone sees him the best way to get hold of him is to put a towel over him. Or contact me and I will be straight there.”

Anyone with information should call Joanne on 07974 348543 or email

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