If it’s good enough for Dodgy, it’s good enough for Uppermill

Back in the day Oasis used to support fellow Brit poppers and Uppermill bound, Dodgy.


Such a pecking order seems unlikely now even with brothers grim, Liam and Noel Gallagher, still to kiss and make up on a band reunion.

But Dodgy were big in the 1990s and they were great too. Catchy anthems like ‘Good Enough’ and ‘Staying Out for the Summer’ sound as fresh now as they did more than two decades.

They retain a current relevance too, releasing a new album last year – What Are We Waiting For – to critical acclaim.

Now, Saddleworth can judge for itself as Dodgy play the Civic Hall on Saturday, February 25 supported by local bands, the Smashing Lads and the Maitlands.

It’s the start of a gig-a-month at the same venue organised by Mossley based Ginger Pigeon promotions, aka Dave Hulmes.

“We were not going to take a lot of gigs this year,” explained drummer Mathew Priest.

“We worked hard getting the album together and we just wanted to take a rest and take stock.

“But there was something of a bluff charm about him (Dave),” laughed Mathew, who is pictured centre above. “I got a sense he cared about getting a good gig for the area.

“Besides, we like the idea of playing unusual venues we haven’t done before and going to new places.”

It was at Manchester University Students’ Union when Oasis played second fiddle to Dodgy.

The roles would soon be reversed with Mathew and lead singer, Nigel Clark, eventually taking teaching jobs as the band slipped from the spotlight.

“Me and Nige found ourselves accepting gigs for less money than we should have done because we needed the money.

“So, we thought we had to get something else so we could say ‘no.”

Dodgy’s original three-man line-up, Priest, Clark and Andy Miller, re-united in 2007, two years before their former support act imploded in a blaze of sibling ill-feeling.

“Do I think Oasis will reform? Yes, I do,” says Mathew.

“Their mum, Peggy, will have a word and say ‘come on Noel, Liam is down to his last million’ and convince him.

“You meet Liam and he is a pussy cat. He is a lovely fella – brittle outside with a soft interior.

“But you just think ‘drop the act’ and if you want Oasis to get back together, you are going to have to be nicer to your brother.”

Dodgy don’t look back in anger and next month you can judge if they’ve stood the test of time.  Tickets cost only £10 and can be obtained via skiddle.com/e/12874714


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