Invitation extended to join ‘The Powwow’ at Austerlands music event

THEY’VE packed up at Cotton Clouds and the final strains of Sister Sledge and Lightning Seeds have disappeared, writes Sophie Doherty.

Dave Haslam

But now there’s chance to grab some more live music at another cricket club venue in Saddleworth.

Austerlands Cricket Club on Thorpe Lane is hosting and M35 Music organising The Powwow on Sunday, August 26 – a diverse event promising its focus is all on the music.

The occasion, headlined by Mancunian hip hop artists, the Mouse Outfit, will be hosted under a large marquee, so rain macs and wellies although welcomed, are not a necessity.

M35 music, a non-profit organisation, is run by a group of volunteers founded by Stephen O’Mara in 2009 and assisted by Andrea who came on board in 2016.

Stephen says his love for people inspired him to create events in local areas that bring communities together regardless of their backgrounds.

M35 supports local artists as well as focusing on homeless musicians and those experiencing mental health problems to attend and take part in the event.

“This proves that there is a light at the end of a tunnel for the vulnerable,” said Stephen.

Mouse Outfit

M35 also support various charities such as: The Royal Oldham Hospital, Cancer UK, Pancreatic Cancer research, Macmillan, MAHDLO and most recently raising awareness for the charity 42nd Street.

In addition to the Mouse Outfit, the event also includes various DJ sets including Dave Haslam, famous for DJ’ing at Manchester’s iconic Hacienda.

M35 refer to the event as ‘The Powwow’, with the focus being on the music.

“We have hosted many events,” added Stephen. “All noise/music levels will be managed by our professional sound teams who adhere to guidelines and respect the organiser.

The Maitlands

“We hope the people of Austerlands, Springhead and surrounding areas welcome us with warm hearts and tapping toes.”

The event which is held from 12 noon until 11pm will include a range of mobile caterers and beverage stands which are promised to be set at prices which suit all pockets.

For those who want an ‘escape’ from the event there will be a ‘chill-out’ area for all those who attend.

“This offers relaxation with the chance to read some information on a local charity 42nd Street which supports the mental health of 11-25-year olds,” said Stephen.

Standard tickets are £20 and £25 for VIP which offers a private bar and after party-hosted by M35 Music. You can get tickets here.

2 Replies to “Invitation extended to join ‘The Powwow’ at Austerlands music event”

  1. Poor effort from the club or organisers, my elderly grandma lives facing the cricket club and has had absolutely no notice of this event until this week. She has supported care in place due to her heart problems and suffers anxiety due to a recent fall. She is now scared about what problems this will bring into the area, and we are forced into going staying with her. Absolute joke!

  2. Abigail,

    We are sorry to hear that your grandmother isn’t it good health. We had organisers have gone above and beyond to reassure people in the vicinity. The club posted polite notices to residents, and assured us that the local people were in support. However, there as been vexatious rumours about m35 and we can assure you this is NOT the case.
    Has the club house states , the amount of people in attendance will be no larger than their bonfire night events. If you have any further questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on the email , this email is also on the letter posted to residents.

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