Join the first Lyd-Gate trail

RESIDENTS IN in one of Saddleworth’s smallest communities are being encouraged to celebrate where they live… by building a gate.

It can be any size and made of any material – wood, stone, knitted – it’s up to locals. But the Lyd-GATE needs to be weatherproof or displayed in a window.

The Love Lydgate team suggests making a water gate, a pearly gate, a Cow & Gate – or just a pretty gate to make the area sparkle.

They urge entrants: “Be creative, enjoy yourself, enjoy being part of Lydgate. And if you don’t actually have a gate, make one… It only has to look like a gate.”

There is a first prize of £30 for the gate judged best by Doctor Andrew Taylor, chairman of Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents Association and Oldham Mountain Rescue Team stalwart, with runner up prizes.

The event starts at 12.30pm on Sunday, July 14, with more details in the latest copy of the Lydgate Newsletter and any further information will be circulated by email.

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