Key checks for safe winter driving

A TOP windscreen repair company has issued tips for drivers to ensure safe journeys in poor weather conditions.

Initially – particularly ahead of long distance trips –  motorists should carry out checks on tyre pressure, lights, petrol and oil levels, and examine  the car’s windscreen for scratches or cracks.

During the last cold snap in December,  Autoglass® saw a 29 per cent  rise in motorists suffering cracked windscreens.

Drivers should also refrain from using boiling water to defrost a frozen windscreen, particularly if it already has chip damage.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass®, said: “Windscreens provides up to 30 per cent of your car’s structural strength and is critical in supporting airbag deployment.

Top tips:

1. Use a good screen scraper to remove ice, don’t use credit cards or CD cases which can cause scratches, leading to poor visibility in bad weather

2. Replace the battery if it’s not reliable:  a flat or failing battery is the biggest cause of car breakdown.

3. Regularly checking fluid levels and ensure car lights are working to maintain visibility.

4. As average temperature drops, so will tyre pressures, and worn tyres impact breaking ability in poor weather conditions – so check these regularly.

5. Take your vehicle for a service – regular maintenance can help your car’s critical components last longer.

Mr Mycock added: “We urge motorists and ensure they have warm clothing, a spare tyre and an emergency kit in their boot in case of a breakdown. If conditions are really bad, don’t drive unless absolutely necessary.”

Drivers looking for advice or support regarding their car’s windscreen or body glass should contact Autoglass® on 0844 875 2490.

For further details about this media alert, please contact Amy Sutton on 0207 802 2626 or

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