Knowsley Junior pupils are ‘Good Eggs’

EASTER CAME early at Knowsley Junior School in Springhead as pupils were voted ‘Good Eggs’ and received chocolate eggs to take home.

Pupils in each of the school’s 12 classes voted for the person in their class they thought most deserved the award while another 12 recipients were chosen by teachers.

Reasons for nominating pupils included being kind and helpful, being a good friend, for always listening in class, for working super-hard, for being a super role model, and for always being a helping hand to others around the classroom.

The ‘Good Eggs’ winners were: Millie Hurst, Elizabeth Barugh, Evie Marsden, Amelie Charter, Georgia Croad, Ellie Bowling, Crystal Jackson, Helen Taylor, Ella Attwater, Cheni Turnbull, Ethan Heeds, Freya Graham, Teddy Tomlinson, Olivia Wolstenholme, Noah Wilde, Coen Taylor, Kaci Davis, Grace Leddy, Maisie Comer, Thomas Walker, Ross Whitely, and Holly Taylor.

The 24 Easter eggs were donated by Tesco’s Community Champion Greg Barratt, pictured above with some of the ‘Good Eggs’, as the school ran the project for a fourth year.


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