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RAY WITHNALL, owner of Diggle-based company Hay Tarn Wills, looks at Lasting Power of Attorney – Property and Financial Affairs

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Award-winning will writer Ray Withnall

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THERE ARE two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) but by far the most popular relates to Property and Financial Affairs.

However, should you need to go into care, a registered Health and Welfare LPA will save your family considerable time, expense and stress if they need to discuss your requirements or issues with any NHS, Social Services or Local Authority department.

For example, if your family feels the provision of your care is insufficient, they will gain quicker access to the relevant department to discuss your situation if they are your attorneys with a registered Lasting Power of Attorney. This is especially the case in circumstances regarding care fees.

Of course no one wants to go into care, but it is wise to prepare in advance just in case. A LPA is like insurance; if it is needed there is great satisfaction in having had the foresight to make the early effort.

A registered LPA is the surest way to resolve problems quickly and it is far less expensive than the protracted efforts in applying to the courts for a Deputy Order, or even worse, doing nothing at all.

Next of kin without a LPA have fewer legal rights than next of kin armed with a registered LPA.

Nearly all departments associated with care are insisting they will only discuss individual care issues with registered attorneys. Some care homes require each resident to have a registered LPA on admission.

The care system is highly regulated and complex. It is difficult and frustrating to know which way to turn. For an assessment on approaching the correct path to resolve your issues and to prepare your LPA, contact Hay Tarn Wills now on 01457 820725.

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