League of Friends raise £30k for patients’ bus

TROJAN EFFORTS by a dedicated team from Royal Oldham Hospital League of Friends over the last two years have paid off – with a brand new bus for patients.

They raised £30,000 by holding coffee mornings, quiz night, sale of second hand books at the hospital and other events.

They also received kind donations from: The NHS Trust Charity Fund, Sarah Lees Trust, Musical Friends Concert, Trinity Singers Concert, Saddleworth Chairmans Charity, Oldham Mayors Charity, Marathon run, collecting boxes, donation from Manchester City FC, sale of shirt from Bournmouth FC, charity nights at Delph Theatre and Playhoiuse 2 Shaw, market stalls, Saddleworth Conservative Charity Fund, Garden Party,

Tapas Night, collections at Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys, and lots of small donations from many kind hearted locals.

“We would like to thank everyone, who, in any way has helped us reach our target,” said Rose Hall, the ROH Friends secretary.

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