Learn the ancient art of Cuttlefish Casting!

Award-winning Manchester Pewtersmith Ella McIntosh is coming to Saddleworth in July to teach the ancient craft of cuttlefish casting at the Weavers Factory.

She’ll be teaching people how to create their own unique pewter pendant using the unusual and age-old technique of cuttlefish casting.

Ella will guide students through a variety of processes from mould-making to pouring molten pewter, until a final design in revealed.

Students will then be able to finish their casting using jewellery tools before polishing to proudly take home. A fascinating way to create your own personal pewter design!    

Ella has been working from her studio at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre for seven years, pushing the boundaries of pewter using traditional skilled metalwork techniques alongside modern design.

Ella’s work has been twice awarded by The Worshipful of Pewterers and in 2018 she won the Creative and Cultural skills award for her ‘Give it a Bash’ workshops.

Pewter Making by Ella McIntosh will be held at the Weavers Factory on Saturday 27th July from 11am to 3pm.



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