Lighting up time? Traffic signals considered for Royal George junction

A MOVE to erect a first set of permanent traffic lights in Greenfield is under discussion by Oldham Council highways bosses.

The Royal George cross roads lends itself to a “signal solution” according to Gary Sutcliffe, Principal Engineer for Unity Highways.

The crossroads at The Royal George Pub

“Of all the locations that is where we’re getting most accident clusters over the years,” Mr Sutcliffe told the March meeting of Saddleworth Parish Council’s Roads and Transport Committee.

“There are not that many but enough to cause concern.

“One of the things I am trying to get into the Highways programme is signalising at that junction which will help slow people down.

“I have been successful in getting out similar schemes; in Chadderton, on Middleton Road, for example.

“It is putting the business case together for the Council and then hopefully it goes into the highways programme,” added Mr Sutcliffe, who estimates the scheme would cost around £250,000.

The busy intersection of Manchester Road, Huddersfield Road and Well-i-Hole is currently 40mph through to the Tameside border where it drops to 30mph.

Greenfield resident David McNeeney believes the 40mph section of Manchester Road is too high.

The junction is becoming prone to accidents

Addressing the Committee he said: “As the A635 goes past The Clarence it is 30mph but then for some reason when it reaches the White Rock cottages it goes up to 40mph.

“It goes through the Royal George junction at 40 and through to the border where it becomes 30 again.

“I would like someone to explain why it goes up to 40mph.

“In at least three areas you have horses legitimately crossing going across to the Pennine Bridleway.

“At The Royal George end of bridleway it actually takes you up into junction and across.

“Where is the sense in putting it up to 40mph.”

What do you think? Would traffic lights at the Royal George junction be a help or a hindrance?

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  1. If they put traffic lights on the junction I hope they are going to put a speed camera on Well-I-Hole Rd as cars and bikes always speed in that area. The average driver that uses this road is too thick to comply with road signs which include a hump back bridge on the bend for which there is sign for together with a road narrows sign and huge letters painted on the road saying “slow”. There is at least one accident per day on this road and with a narrow pavement it won’t be long before there is a fatality

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