Like clockwork: Saddleworth Museum’s historic time piece restored

TIME definitely does not stand still anymore on the ever-changing face of Uppermill High Street.

Colin Watt with the repaired mechanics

But for nearly 12 months locals and visitors haven’t set their watches by the clock on the front of Saddleworth Museum.

Despite the Museum re-opening after its £1.2 million refurbishment last year, the 142-year-old piece of machinery, once the property of St Mary’s Church, Greenfield, remained stubbornly stuck at around 2.20pm.

That was until a group of Museum volunteers led by former tool maker, Colin Watt, decided to set Father Time on the move again.

“I was getting pigged off with seeing the clock stopped,” laughed Colin from Uppermill. “It was such a shame considering how well the Museum looks now.

“So, we thought we would take matters into our own hands and fix it. We straightened some of the teeth on the escapement and have even used an elastic band as a temporary fix for another problem.

“It took us about five or six hours and it still needs fine tuning. When we first finished the clock gained around 15 minutes in 12 hours.

“But it’s been coming down and it’s just great to see the clock working again.”

Thomas Reed, Oliver Benson, Colin Watt and Steve Whitehead by the Museum clock

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