Not a load of rubbish to robot maker at Authentic Uppermill

SOMETHING might look like scrap and rubbish to you or me, but to creative Mark Haigh it is key part of his next project…

For the talented inventor, who stars on BBC1’s ‘‘Money for Nothing’, takes unwanted or waste materials and pieces them together to create unique Gizmobots.

The recycled robots, which come in varying sizes and with a name and story, can be bought from Authentic, on Mill Street off Uppermill High Street.

And they have proved so popular with customers that Viki Taylor, who runs the shop with Helen Robinson, often sells out of the robots not long after they have arrived.

“Mark’s robots are really unique and people of all ages love them,” said Viki. “He has great vision and sees things he can create out of a random collection of objects.

“We sold one robot to a young boy who had done jobs at home and for his neighbours and saved up the money for three months!

“And another was bought by an 80-year-old lady who wanted one so she could talk to it at home!”

Mark, who visits schools and travels around the world showing people how to make their own robots, can make bespoke or personalised robots if ordered through Authentic.

And he also holds workshops to show you how to make your own robot. To book or buy gift vouchers, visit Authentic.

Visit Authentic at 2a Mill Street, Uppermill or find them on Facebook and Twitter. They stock a treasure trove of handmade gifts, clothes, pictures, mirrors, soaps, chocolates and more.


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