Locals take life-saving test during Saddleworth Rotary Club’s Stroke Awareness Day

AROUND 100 locals took part in a simple, potentially life-saving test organised by the Saddleworth Rotary Club as part of their annual Stroke Awareness Day.

p10 stroke association rotary club
Rotarians Bill Bussey, Gill Bussey, Jon Stocker and Stroke Association volunteer Pauline Goodhall

Club members spent the day on Uppermill High Street convincing passersby to have their blood pressure taken to find out if their levels are too high, which can lead to a stroke and other health problems.

They also spoke to well over 400 people throughout the day about the importance of knowing if your blood pressure is at a healthy level.

The event was part of the Rotary Club’s ongoing drive to raise awareness of the risks of high blood pressure, and was held in partnership with the Stroke Association, with help from volunteers Pauline and Rachael.

Jon Stocker, Rotary Club member, said: “One of the positive outcomes of the day was that of the people we talked to it is now becoming more common for them to tell us they either have a monitor at home or have their blood pressure measured routinely.

“However we still come across people who for whatever reason do not want to know what their blood pressure is.

“This is rather sad as such a simple test can easily identify people that are at high risk of having a stroke or heart attack and the risk can so easily be reduced by, in most cases, taking one tablet a day.”


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