Loyal pet Jess saves Springhead owner with lick of life

A REMARKABLE three-legged pet dog is being praised as a ‘hero’ for giving her owner the lick of life…

Because when pensioner William McLaughlin collapsed during a walk on isolated Lower Turf Lane in Springhead, Jess, his loyal border collie, never left his side.

p6 jess hero dog2
HERO: Jess with her owner William

For half an hour, six-year-old Jess licked William’s face and pushed and prodded him with one of her front paws until he came round.

The 66-year-old Irish-born retired contractor explained: “I reached a point on the pathway when I started to feel unwell.

“I started shaking, sweating and felt weak. then I just keeled over. I guess I’d been out for the count for half an hour when Jess revived me.

“She was repeatedly licking my face and prodding me with her paw. Jess never left my side and she undoubtedly saved my life.

“There was absolutely no one was around and I would have been in dire straights if Jess had not stayed with me,” declared the father of three.

William, who is from a farming family from County Donegal, has a history of heart problems including a quad bypass heart operation.

He called his son Brendan, 43, who took him to Royal Oldham Hospital where he was fitted with a stent.

Brendan said: “Jess is a real hero. Her breeding gives her natural, mothering instincts and she really used them on my dad. She’s a terrific pet.”

Jess lost her left back leg when it was amputated after she had been involved in a collision when she was just three months old.

William added: “She’s never seen losing it as a handicap. She keeps a watchful eye on me all the time.”


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