Majority of Saddleworth Parish Councillors returned not elected

SADDLEWORTH Parish Council’s make-up will be decided at the polls – or rather the majority of Saddleworth Parish Council’s make-up will NOT be decided at the polls.

For 11 of the authority’s 20 members have already been ‘elected’ as a series of wards will go uncontested.

Not enough candidates putting themselves forward to stand means four of the six wards will not go to the vote on Thursday, May 4.

Saddleworth Parish Council sign in one of the villages

That means the only polls will take place, alongside those for Oldham Council, in Springhead Lower and Uppermill.

And there will still be two vacant seats as five councillors will be elected from the former and two from the latter.

The lack of elections has seen a moment of history as Meg Birchall, who has already been returned for Delph, will become the first ever non-binary councillor.

Of the two wards having votes, nine candidates representing the three major political parties will stand.

However, in Springhead Lower, there will be no Conservative representation on the ballot paper, with five Liberal Democrats standing.

This year will also see a number of familiar faces standing down from the parish council, including John Hudson after 46 years’ service and Brian and Pat Lord, who have each sat for more than 30 years.

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