Manns Wharf caterers turns to ‘meals on wheels’

A long-standing catering company with strong Saddleworth and Mossley roots has changed its name and re-structured its business model to keep people fed during the coronavirus crisis.That is why Manns Wharf has, for the foreseeable future, become Manns Wheels with proprietors Kristi Fuller and Helen Stevenson introducing a special quarantine cuisine menu providing restaurant-quality, fresh, ready meals delivered to your door.

With more and more people self-isolating, working from home and potentially facing lockdown, the girls are keen to ensure those in greatest need are prioritised and receive a “cuddle from the inside” with good food.

Kristi and Helen are also working with community groups to help them identity the most vulnerable residents to receive nourishing and tasty meals, made fresh within 24 hours of delivery.

Anyone ordering from the quarantine menu – which will change weekly – can add a £4.50 discounted meal of main and pudding for Manns Wheels to distribute.

They will deliver on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in OL3, OL5 and HD9 postcodes.

“We wouldn’t be offering this service if we didn’t believe we could do it safely,” said Kristi. “We are always monitoring our own health care.

“It is just myself and Helen preparing the food. And then we drop the food parcels at people’s doors. It’s a different form of knock-a-door run,” she laughed.

“We are just trying to keep going as well as help others at the same time. We have had a good start to the year and it was looking nice and steady.“But we have had to restructure the business now because everything in the diary has been cancelled,” said Kristi.

“Weddings, christenings, festivals, birthday parties – everything you could possibly want a caterer for.

“However, our first day of delivering went well so hopefully that will continue. We will keep providing the service for as long as we are allowed to do so.”

Formed in 1997 by John and Jeanette Stevenson – Helen’s parents – Manns Wharf started from the couple’s Greenfield garage but now operates from an industrial kitchen and warehouse in Mossley.

“That’s where we still make the magic happen,” adds Kristi of their renowned and popular food guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s tastes and price range.

The quarantine cuisine menu includes mains, sides and puddings so what is not to enjoy? To order ring 07764 151441 or 07850 058805 or email

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  1. Would you maybe consider extending your delivery area to Carrbrook please?
    Thank you.

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