Meating place! Butcher Neil celebrates decade of service

NEIL Mellor says the era of the celebrity chef is re-inventing the butchery trade.


Neil Mellor outisde his shop in Uppermill village

But Neil, who this year marks the 10th anniversary of his move to Uppermill, and his staff are ready to ‘meat’ the challenge.

“These chefs keep inventing new body parts but they are actually the same part with a different name,” laughs Neil, 57 who is also celebrating 25 years in the business.

“They talk about flat iron steak which we used to sell as stewing steak. They have done short ribs and shoulder of pork which everyone has jumped on.

“We used to sell a lot, then it stopped but now we sell lots. The more traditional cuts we did 25 years ago are coming back in fashion.”

Mick McDermott, who works part-time in the New Street shop, added: “We pride ourselves on sourcing unusual requests and we have not been beaten yet.

“One of the latest is people asking for hanger steaks. We have always known it as heart skirt.”


Neil Mellor, Mick McDermott and Josh Mellor

Neil, whose son Josh, 24, works full-time in the business together with long-serving Pam Barker, started his business on Abbey Hills Road, Oldham.

“Then someone told me about this shop which was already a butchers and I thought it would be a good forward move coming here,” he explained.

“Since then the trade has increased massively.

“We have retained lots of customers from the beginning and picked up lots more since.

“We are really pleased with how things have gone and we are optimistic about the future.”

Mellors, who source their beef, lamb and port from Hartshead Meats in Mossley, also supply local pubs, restaurants and care homes as well as individual customers.

“We would like to thank all our customers for their support over the last 10 years,” added Neil.

“And we look forward to supplying them with their meat for the barbecues when summer eventually arrives.”

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