Why is password security so important?

By Danielle Skinner, Digital Marketing Executive

Password protection is important. It keeps your accounts and sensitive information secure and ensures it can only be accessed by you.

Our article provides advice and recommendations on password security and storing them safely.

Hackers: The weaker the password, the easier it is to hack. Short passwords are also easier to guess.

Once your account is hacked, all information in that account is exposed and the cybercriminal can use your data however they want including:

• Accessing your bank information.
• Impersonating you on social networking accounts.
• Purchasing items with your bank details.
• Sending emails in your name.

Storing your password: How do you store your password?

If you write it down or have it stored on your PC, then it may be time to review this method.

If you lose your notebook or someone sees your password, they will have the information to access your accounts and be able to log on without you even realising. Using a password manager will store your passwords securely.

Using the same password: We recommend not to use the same password across all your accounts. If your password is compromised, then all your accounts are compromised.

Even if you use different upper and lower-case letters between accounts, they may still gain access via brute force attacks.

If you’re unsure of what makes a strong password, here are some tips:

• Mix up the characters: Use a mixture of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters.
• Do not use personal information: Using information relevant to you is a big no. Use a password that it hard to guess.
• More than eight characters: Ensure your password has more than eight characters so it makes it harder to guess.
• Avoid numeric patterns and repetition: It may be easier for you, but it also makes it easier for someone else to guess. Do not use repeated or consecutive numbers and characters, mix them up.

If your business would like to review its network security and password management, then call Aspect IT today on 0161 241 9050.

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