Meet the face of a new campaign promoting health and wellbeing

AN Uppermill youngster is the face and voice of a new national television campaign promoting better mental and physical wellbeing through outdoor activity.

Aimee Bone

The powerful 70 seconds feature involving 10-year-old Aimee Bone has already been seen by millions of viewers.

Aimee, a pupil at Greenfield Primary, is named Kayleigh in the video which also includes the voice of television presenter and celebrity Nick Knowles.

Aimee voices over striking images of people suffering from loneliness, shyness and ill health.

She then appears riding a bike in the countryside, smiling and enjoying the fresh air before Knowles, star of DIY SOS, Who Dares Wins and 5-Star Family Reunion, urges people to “get outside” or face the consequences.

Aimee filmed her part last November with the production crew using a Leicestershire deer park for their location shoot rather than Saddleworth’s breath-taking scenery. But the finished film has only recently been aired.

Aimee, who has her own agent and wants to one day become a fully-fledged actress, has given her seal of approval to the finished product.

And proud mum Tracy told the Independent: “She said ‘one day ‘mum, I want to be an actress. I want to get into real things.’

“So, if you try your never know your dreams might come true.

“If she never does anything else, she has still had a good experience.

“And if she moves onto something further in the future at least we have given her that opportunity.

“The film was really poignant to me as well because two of my brothers suffered severe mental health issues. So, it made it all the more special.

“It’s ironic too because six weeks ago we moved from Greenfield to Uppermill. Where we were before it was hard for her to play out because of the traffic.

“Now, she can and her confidence has really come out. Being outside, you can see the difference in her personality.”

The message of improving life through going outdoors is stressed by Knowles in the closing sequences.

“Kayleigh’s generation could have a lower life expectancy than the generation before her,” he said.

“But if we start being more active outside in the fresh air then we can change that.

“We could reduce a generation’s chances of heart disease and diabetes, battle loneliness and improve their mental health. It’s time to get outside.”

Aimee’s moment of fame is unlikely to be her last.

“She has also done a small part in a two-part drama for Netflix,” revealed Tracy.

“It is only a very small part but they treated her so well. She had her own trailer a runner and they put her up in the Malmaison Hotel in Liverpool.” A star is born!

To see Aimee’s film visit YouTube:

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