Mountain bikers gear up for 24-hour Dovestone ride in support of Alzheimer’s research

WHO doesn’t love a gentle stroll round Dovestone Reservoir or even a more occasional run round the Greenfield beauty spot?

But the thought of riding a mountain bike around the water’s edge for 24 hours is enough to make most visitors breakout into a cold sweat.

However, that’s the task Jack Osborne and Matt Mooney have set themselves next month, embarking on their day and night long challenge to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

They will be in the saddle for approximately 160 miles or the equivalent of around 50 circuits with only the occasional 15-minute stop for food and toilet break.

The duo have set a fund-raising target of £10,000 and are already nearly a fifth of the way to their goal.

“Both Matt and I have both lost close family members to Alzheimer’s and dementia,” explained Delph based James, 26.

“My uncle Frank Osborne died about 12 years ago and Matt’s granddad, Jack Thompson, passed away in August 2017.

“We were thinking about doing an event for him and because we both love mountain bikes it seemed appropriate we do something connected with them. But we wanted to push our minds and bodies.

“And we wanted it to be something when people heard what we are doing, it was going to be like ‘wow.’

“Alzheimer’s Research UK is an awesome charity but we just feel like it is not one of the more mainstream charities.

“So, we really want to raise more awareness because of the impact alzheimzers and dementia has on so many families. And everything just escalated from there.”

The intrepid riders set off at 10 am on Friday, July 12 and finish at 10 on July 13.

“We are sticking to the footpath,” added personal trainer James.

“We would love to go to the top of the hills but in the pitch black it would have been a bit irresponsible.

“Both of us are experienced riders and the actual distance isn’t an issue. It’s the mental challenge of riding all that time without any sleep,

“But we have never done 24 hours non-stop and so we wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

“If anything happens, we didn’t want to be stuck on top of a hill without any help.

James and Matt, also 26, from Dobcross, recently warmed up for their attempt with a day’s riding in the Lake District. They are also on the hills twice a week

To find out more about their fund-raising efforts visit their website

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