Mountain rescue teams join forces to help injured runner

THREE mountain rescue teams combined to help save a runner who was injured during the Spine Race last weekend.

The male runner called for assistance after injuring his leg on his way up Black Hill on Sunday, June 16.

Derbyshire Police got in touch with Oldham Mountain Rescue Team, who were deployed from the A635 heading south along the Pennine Way.

At the same time, their counterparts from Woodhead were dispatched to Holme Moss to help.

After walking two-and-a-half miles with vital equipment, Oldham’s volunteers reached the runner, who was assessed by the remote medical rescue technician and found to have a lower leg injury.

His leg was splintered before he was placed on a stretcher, carried to an off-road ambulance and taken to hospital.

Thirteen members of Oldham Mountain Rescue Team, seven from Woodhead and one from Holme Valley were involved for four-and-a-half hours.

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  1. Does nobody proof read these before they get published? Was his leg really splintered or was it actually splinted?

    1. It was, “injured,” which typically could mean absolutely anything from a grazed knee to a compound fracture.

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