Muddy Delph lane transformed by kind-hearted councillors donations

THREE COUNCILLORS have been praised for easing the misery of frustrated householders on a picturesque Delph country lane.

p7 footpath repairs cllrs
Cllrs Kirkham and Harkness on the repairs lane

Residents at Hindle Terrace have been plagued by a range of long term problems including standing water which turned the lane into a quagmire.

Now OMBC councillors for Saddleworth Nikki Kirkham, Derek Heffernan and Garth Harkness have donated funds to cover the cost of the improvement works.

Cllr Kirkham said: “I walked this lane as a child and can’t remember it ever being anything else than a muddy mess.

“It was an absolute must these problems were addressed, not only for walkers but for health and safety reasons. Emergency services would find it very difficult to access the cottages.

“The route is currently unadopted so no funds were available from OMBC for repairs,” she explained.

“And Lisa MacDonald and Stan Mitchel and his team from the district town hall in Uppermill have been wonderful in helping to deal with this issue.

“It is great the borough councillors and the Uppermill team can work together to sort out issues that arise in Saddleworth on a daily basis.”

Cllr Harkness said: “I am very pleased following investment from our ward funds that repairs have been done and the footpath is passable again.”

Cllr Heffernan added: “It shows persistence pays off and people will be able to use this footpath again without sinking in the mud.”

Long time Hindle Terrace resident, Marilyne Smith, said: “Thanks to the efforts by Cllr Kirkham and the other councillors, we now have a wonderful lane for residents and walkers.

“It’s been a troublesome spot for thirty years but the works have made a huge difference.”

Phillida Shipp, chair of Delph Community Association, had raised concerns to improve the surface of the path between Hindle Terrace and the Saddleworth Business Centre.

She said: “The path was habitually very muddy and you could only pass if you were wearing boots.

“The work is a great improvement for all those who walk between Huddersfield Road and the centre of Delph.”


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