Neil Diamondo takes to the stage to boost Uppermill Sports Club roof fund

By Jamie Tichborne

UPPERMILL Sports Club is hosting a fabulous fundraising night as they aim to raise £8,000 to replace the damaged roof of their clubhouse.


Neil Diamondo

Committee member Bev Bennett revealed: “We’re putting on a comedian, singer and entertainer called Neil Diamondo. He’s the most amazing entertainer you’ll ever meet.

“He’s a comedian and entertainer but he also sings Neil Diamond songs, hence the name.

“He also does Elvis Presley songs; he’s just an all-round entertainer. We packed the house out last time.”

The event will be held on Friday, April 27 at the clubhouse, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are available at £5 each from Turners Dry Cleaners, 4 New Street, Uppermill.

Proceeds will go towards fixing the clubhouse roof which Malcolm Barlow, another committee member, explained has been leaking for about 18 months.

He said: “We’ve patched it, but it just goes through again.

“It needs to be completely re-done really. We need the money to do it though.

“Over the years with cricket balls and things like that it’s got damaged.

“What we want is to have it re-sheeted with tin and to take the slates off because it’s leaking into the bottom room currently.”

Malcolm continued: “It’s doing damage to all the decorating, and we had a problem with the flat roof because water came through. We’re still waiting for insurance on that.

“They play table tennis in the bottom room, but it does get damp in there.

“It’s just wear and tear, but the cricket balls don’t help. If a ball hits it, it’ll break.

“That’s why we’re trying to raise enough money for a tin roof, like they have for warehouses.

“That’s what we’ve been advised to do so the balls won’t damage it.”

And Malcolm hopes the public will help their plans become a reality by supporting their latest fundraiser, as they have with previous events.

“The target is about £8,000 but we’ve got about £3,000 already,” said Malcolm.

“The work probably will be done towards the end of this year, because really you don’t want to do it during cricket season. You’re probably looking at September/October.”

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