New photography exhibition gives home to Saddleworth group

EYE-CATCHING PICTURES snapped by local professional and amateur photographers are being at the Civic Hall in Uppermill for at least the coming year.

Photographers Jude Gidney, David Schofield and Jenny Martin celebrate the launch of the exhibition

Almost 20 photographers from the Saddleworth Photography Group are displaying their best personal work in the exhibition, which is free to view and was launched in December.

The exhibition, which is the second for the group, features over 40 images in a range of photographic styles including portrait, landscape, experimental and art.

Saddleworth Photography Group, set up two years, has almost 200 members and sets weekly practical challenges to help photographers learn from their own practice and from that of others.

Jude Gidney, group leader, said: “We are very honoured to be asked by the Saddleworth Parish Council to hang our exhibition in their headquarters, the Civic Hall in Uppermill.

“We intend to refresh the images on display every three months so visitors are asked to return again and again.

“The images work brilliantly in the Civic Hall Bar especially with the big picture window offering another dimension to many images of Saddleworth and more.

“All exhibitors are displaying to a professional standard, some of them for the first time, all working in a personal capacity.

“It gives our members an opportunity to share work that may be very different from what they produce in their professional lives.”

Photographers interested in joining the group can find out more on Facebook or call Jude Gidney on 07759 599134.


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