Nxt Gen is one-stop shop for vapers

WHETHER you have just decided to stop smoking or have been using e-cigarettes for years, Nxt Gen Vapours is a one-stop shop for all the products and advice you will need.

Arron Valente, store manager, and Aaron Bailey, shop assistant, have been running the store on Stamford Street, Top Mossley, for three years selling a range of vapes and liquids.

During the Covid pandemic, they were forced to close their doors but made sure they kept supplying customers old and new through online sales and home deliveries.

Arron Valente and Aaron Bailey

“That was a saving grace,” admitted Arron. “We had to shut so people couldn’t come into the shop but by doing deliveries everyone benefitted from it.

“Customers have told us it was a lifesaver, especially vulnerable and elderly customers who were perhaps more cautious about going out.

“Thank you to all the customers who have supported us, especially during the Covid period. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t still be here.”

Nxt Gen Vapes

Now they are back open and busier than ever, with their recent Black Friday deals going down a storm, and more giveaways and offers lined up for Christmas, including £40 for vape mods and tanks.

And the pair, who are both ex-smokers, said customers were keen to get back into the shop, as well as into their Denton and Dukinfield branches, to hear their advice as well as see the products.

“Business was a bit slow at first when we re-opened but once people were more confident and comfortable going out again it sped back up,” said Aaron.

“People prefer to come in and speak to us about what they are buying and get our advice and see what they are buying. It’s nice to have that human contact.“We even have some regulars who come in and have a coffee and a chat with us but Covid has stopped that mostly.”

The most popular products in store at the moment are the 10ml liquids range – with a special offer of six for £10.99 – and disposable vapes.

“I think people like them because they mimic many of the habits of smoking, such as opening the box and ripping off the foil,” explained Arron.

Aaron added: “Vaping is so much better for your health. You are only getting the nicotine, not the thousands of other chemicals which are in cigarettes.

“I can taste and smell things much better since I stopped smoking and there are lots more health benefits.”

• Visit Nxt Gen Vapours Mossley at 13 Stamford Street, Top Mossley, or see their website www.nxtgenvapours.co.uk or Facebook page: Nxt Gen Vapours ltd.

They are open on Monday to Friday from 10am-6pm and on Saturday from 10am-5.30pm.

They offer free delivery on orders over £15 across Saddleworth, Oldham and Tameside.

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