Old smart phones needed for new project at Bright Futures School for children with autism

By Lily Chick

KIND HEARTED locals are invited to donate their old smart phones to Bright Futures School for children with autism as they take on a new project.

Pupils at Bright Futures School

The small independent school, situated in Grasscroft, is run for children and young people with autism.

They use a special ‘social communication’ approach to help pupils work on the difficulties at the heart of autism, such as managing emotions, understanding what people are thinking, using emotion-related information productively and building memories of competence and success.

Memories of success encourage the students to keep trying new things, especially when something is difficult.

To help record these memories, students would like to take pictures of meaningful things that happen throughout their school day so are asking for donations of old smart phones.

The phones will only be used to take photos so it doesn’t matter about SIM cards or cracked screens, as long as they can take photos and connect to PCs.

The aim is to collect 24 phones so each pupil and member of staff can have their own.

Old smart phones can be dropped off at the school or sent to Bright Futures School, 164 Oldham Road, Grasscroft, Oldham, OL4 4DW.

Bright Futures School specialises in the provision for children with autism and brings a new approach to autism education. To find out more about Bright Futures School, please visit www.brightfuturesschool.co.uk

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