Oldham Council bosses take to the streets in clean up drive

WHEN Cllr Arooj Shah became the new leader of Oldham Council in May, she said her top priority was to clean up Oldham’s streets and come down harder on fly-tippers.

Having tasked council officers with determining what more resources are needed, she has now taken senior Council figures on a walkabout of some of Oldham’s worst-affected streets.

The street visit in Hathershaw

Cllr Shah was joined by Chief Executive Dr Carolyn Wilkins OBE and ward councillors Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, Shaid Mushtaq and Mayor Jenny Harrison, where they visited the Villa Road area in Hathershaw on June 7.

The group looked at how litter and fly-tipping was blighting the area and discussed what further actions the council could take to change the situation.

Cllr Shah said: “Everyone in Oldham should feel good about where they live, but when people drop litter or, even worse, discard things like old sofas, it leaves our streets looking unloved.

“While our street cleaning team do a great job, and we prosecute fly-tippers whenever possible, it sometimes seems like they’re swimming against the tide.

“I thought it was important to show our senior officers the state some of our streets are in.

“Ultimately we need to see behaviour change from those who show disregard for our borough, and cleaning up will be a real community effort.

“We already have lots of great community groups doing their bit, but I want the Council to be taking a leading role.

“We can’t sit in the Civic Centre and hope things change on their own.”

2 Replies to “Oldham Council bosses take to the streets in clean up drive”

  1. Whilst I applaud the council for trying to improve the landscape of the Oldham Area,I have been constantly involved with the council on reporting fly tipping and Disgraceful alleyways in my area,the fly tipping does eventually get removed,but the alleyway backings are a constant DISGRACE with rubbish being left in the backings.

  2. It is like music to my ears to know that Cncl Shah has this as one of her top priorities…… I was brought up in Hathershaw and it was always such a lovely area ….. now the streets and alleyways are littered with rubbish and fly tipping – it is heart breaking to see. I hope this is NOT just ‘talk from the Civic Centre ‘ or empty promises. I am a regular Walker round Oldham and look forward to seeing a vast improvement. Yours, Forever Hopeful.

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