Oldham Council dismisses councillors concerns about Uppermill bus turning circle closure

OLDHAM COUNCIL has dismissed rumours that the bus turning circle in Uppermill is to be sold off and changed into housing.

CONCERNED: Cllrs Belmore and McCann at the turning circle in Uppermill

The busy turning circle is used by many local services to and from Uppermill, including key 184 buses from Manchester and Oldham and some 353 and 354 buses from Ashton, and also school buses.

But Liberal Democrat councillors claim there are “secret” plans to sell off the turning circle and build new homes there instead.

Saddleworth Parish councillor Alan Belmore and OMBC councillor John McCann have written to Oldham Council and Transport for Greater Manchester about the move.

They said: “We are demanding Uppermill’s bus turning circle is retained for local bus services.

“If the bus turning circle is closed and sold off, this is likely to mean many fewer local bus services as they depend on the turning circle being retained.

“The idea of selling off the turning circle secretly is disgraceful. Without our intervention, residents and visitors would not know this vital bus turning circle is threatened.”

However, a spokesman for Oldham Council insisted there are no current plans – secret or otherwise – to alter the bus turning circle from its current use.

He said: “The land is ours and TfGM use it but there are no plans to sell the land off.”


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  1. Another “scare” story from “local” councillors.
    As a born and bred resident of Saddleworth, whose late father was born in Delph, I feel it is a pity we did not demonstrate years ago about the desecration of our quiet and peaceful villages.
    I well remember doing my paper round in the sixties around Diggle, and whilst not knowing every resident personally, knew most of the names of the families living in Diggle.
    Oh how I wish we had formed a Save Diggle action group in the sixties, then we would not have to put up with the “Mouthy Mancs” moaning about spoiling the village as they would not have any houses to live in.

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