Oldham Mountain Rescue Team gifts unique experience to new Greenfield bride and groom

SADDLEWORTH’S PICTURESQUE rolling and colourful hills are the perfect backdrop to any picture…

So when Tony Simpson, who runs the King William IV pub in Greenfield, decided it was the ideal setting for his wedding photos, he enlisted some special helpers to make it happen.

The landlord and his new wife Donna were picked up from St Mary’s Church and whisked up to Pots and Pans memorial by members of the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT).

Team leader Mick Nield and members Denzil Broadhurst and Dave Knight, along with Bob the dog, turned out in a mini-convoy to take the couple right up to the top.

Donna swapped her high heels for wellies as photographer John McGovern from Relume Photography snapped some stunning shots with the hills falling away around them.

(Pictures by Relume Photography)

Tony said: “John took some amazing photos – the views were unbelievable. And some of the hills were just turning purple, which matched the wedding colour scheme!

“It took us 45 minutes to get to the top but it was worth it. Even the photographer was pleased he got to go up.

“As soon as we got down and arrived at the Civic Hall for our reception it started to rain!”

Tony, who has a donations box at the ‘King Bill’ for OMRT, added: “The team were really great and helpful.

“They said we’re the first people they have taken up there for wedding photos – but they don’t want to make it a regular thing!

“The team does such a great job around here, especially when the winter and bad weather comes, and they are invaluable to the community.”

OMRT – who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year – is made up of around 50 volunteers who assist the police and emergency services with search and rescue missions across the area.

Team leader Mick said: “We drive up there all the time as operational or training new drivers.

“We like to support the community and as Tony, Donna and the locals at the King Bill support the team it’s the least we could do on their big day.”

Find out more about the OMRT team online: www.omrt.org.uk


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